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TCP/DRK/3904 Supporting the technology of Mandarin fish farming by establishing food-chain in the Yonpung Lake 2023 2024300,000$
TCP/DRK/3901 Strengthening digital agriculture ecosystem and developing e-agriculture solutions 2022 2024300,000$
TCP/DRK/3902 Technical support for the improved animal feed production in cooperative farms 2022 2024300,000$
TCP/DRK/3903 Technical support for improved wheat/barley production under double cropping system 2022 2024300,000$
TCP/DRK/3801 Technical support to soybean production for improving nutritional status of urban and rural populations 2020 2023402,000$
TCP/DRK/3802 Technical support to enhance capacity for technology transfer and extension to increase production and income for farmers/rural population 2020 2023350,000$
TCP/DRK/3803 Enhancing coastal livelihoods and food security through aquaculture development of the Pacific oyster along the western coast of DPR Korea 2020 2023450,000$
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OSRO/DRK/100/EC Mitigating the impact of disasters using the anticipatory action approach in the Grain basket of DPR 2021 2023293,571$