Grupo Coordinador de Trabajo sobre Estadísticas de Pesca (CWP)
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Classifications and Metadata Standards
Methodological standards
 Conversion factors introduce uncertainty in the estimation of the catch and this uncertainty can be considerable when converting highly processed products, e.g. filet weight to live weight equivalent. Caution is advised when studying the conversion factors used by the different... More
 FAO. 1980. Quantity conversion factors: Atlantic fish species - landed or product weight to live weight. FAO Fisheries Circular No.725. Rome, FAO. 45 pp. (also available at FAO. 2000. Conversion factors - landed weight to live weight. FAO Fisheries Circular... More
 All countries or areas have official and formal designations, many of which are not well suited for use in statistical databases and publications, particularly in tabulations and graphs. These designations are therefore often simplified. The list of countries or areas... More
  The list of countries or areas includes the following descriptors: FAO multilingual country or area code (maximum 12 characters) used for statistical purposes. 3-alpha country or area code by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO Country codes) ... More
 International Organization for Standardization (ISO). 2013. ISO 3166 Country Codes. [Cited 1 November 2020]. United Nations. Standard Country or Area Codes for Statistical Use (M49 standard). Statistical Services Branch, Statistics Division. New York, UN. [Cited 1 November 2020]. More
 Most economic statistics are collected using national currencies while much use of the international statistics requires that these data are on a comparable basis, e.g. in USD. Guidance on conversion from local currencies to a common standard is provided by... More
 Where statistics are transmitted there is a need for codes and the ISO has developed international standard codes for the representation of currencies and funds (ISO 4217). These codes are related to those developed by the ISO for geographical entities... More
 United Nations. 2004. International merchandise trade statistics: compilers manual. United Nations Publication Sales No. E.02.XVII.17. New York, UN. 121 pp. (also available at More
 International Organization for Standardization (ISO). 2015. ISO 4217:2015 Codes for the representation of currencies. [Cited 1 November 2020]. More
 CWP Member Organizations' use various instruments for the collection of capture fishery and aquaculture data from the national authorities including the STATLANT system of questionnaires. This system was introduced by CWP in the early 1960s and pioneered the use of... More