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the process of collecting milk samples and recording milk weights. Sometimes called "test day".

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the application to milk of a heat treatment of a lower intensity than pasteurization that aims at reducing the number of microorganisms. A general reduction of log 3–4 can be expected. Micro-organisms surviving will be heat-stressed and become more vulnerable to subsequent microbiological control measures. (Codex Alimentarius)

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application au lait d’un traitement thermique d’intensité moindre que la pasteurisation dans le but de réduire le nombre de micro-organismes. Une réduction globale de log 3 ou 4 est probable. Les micro-organismes restants subiront un stress thermique qui les rendra plus vulnérables aux mesures de maîtrise microbiologiques ultérieures. (Codex Alimentarius)


aplicación a la leche de un tratamiento térmico de intensidad más baja que la de la pasteurización con objeto de reducir la cantidad de microorganismos. En general, se puede esperar una reducción de logaritmo 3-4. Los microorganismos que sobrevivan se verán afectados por el calor y se volverán más vulnerables a las medidas de control microbiológico posteriores. (Codex Alimentarius)

Time recording

device/monitor a mechanical/electronic device that automatically monitors the interval between milkings. The time is expressed in hours plus minutes, and the device must display the starting and ending time of the previous milking.

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Times milked

cows are normally milked twice per day with records being labelled 2x; however, cows may be milked more frequently (3x, 4x, etc.).

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Total Performance Index (TPI)

method of ranking dairy breed sires based on an index combining pd milk, pd percentage and pd type.

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Transitional milk

milk that has a composition in transition between that of the colostrum (first milk) and whole milk.

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Lait de transition

lait dont la composition est en transition avec celle du colostrum (premier lait) et celle du lait entier.

Leche de transición

leche que tiene una composición entre el calostro (primera leche secretada) y la leche entera.