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Wet Solids

Condensed milk, skim milk, or whey may be referred to as wet solids, to distinguish from dry solids in the form of non-fat dry milk or dried whey powder.

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fluid milk product obtained during the manufacture of cheese, casein or similar products by separation from the curd after coagulation of milk and/or of products obtained from milk. Coagulation is obtained through the action of, principally, rennet type enzymes. (Codex Alimentarius)

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produit laitier liquide obtenu durant la fabrication du fromage, de la caseine ou de produits similaires par separation du caille apres coagulation du lait et/ou des produits derives du lait. La coagulation est principalement obtenue par l’action d’enzymes de type presure. (Codex Alimentarius)


producto lacteo liquido obtenido durante la elaboracion del queso, la caseina o productos similares, mediante la separacion de la cuajada, despues de la coagulacion de la leche y/o los productos derivados de la leche. La coagulacion se obtiene mediante la accion de, principalmente, enzimas del tipo del cuajo. (Codex Alimentarius)

Whey powders

milk products obtained by drying whey or acid whey. (Codex Alimentarius)

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Poudres de lactosérum

produits laitiers obtenus par sechage du lactoserum ou du serum acide. (Codex Alimentarius)

Polvos de suero

productos lacteos obtenidos por medio del secado del suero o del suero acido. (Codex Alimentarius)

Whole milk

unaltered milk collected from day 4 after calving until the end of a lactation (see also colostrum and transitional milk).

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