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 ©FAO/Eduardo Soteras

Camel milking

South Sudan

Kapoeta, South Sudan - A farmer milks a camel in a farm in Kaitap.

©FAO/Katumba Badru

Milk producer and trader


Matugga town, Wakiso, Uganda - Francis Byamugisha, 34, a herdsman and milk distributor milks cattle belonging to different people in Matugga area and distributes the milk on their behalf everyday,...


Mastitis test at the farm


Mastitis test at the farm with the aim of producing quality products and reducing infection.

©Aijaz Khaskeli (Progressive Farmer Kundi Buffalo, Sindh, Pakistan)

Kundi buffalo in Sindh Pakistan


This heifer belongs to Kundi breed of dairy buffalo from Sindh Pakistan. 

©Dr. Emily Kariuki

Ayrshire dairy cow


A photo of Mr Dennis Mutie milking an Ayrshire dairy cow at Maasai Mara University, Kenya.

©FAO/Anis Mili

Transporting milk from the farm


05 August 2022, Béja, Tunisia - Mohamed Ali Ghaidi carries a milk container with a donkey.

FAO project FMM/GLO/157/MUL: Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism (FMM) - Empowering youth to invest in agrifood systems...

©FAO/Lydia Limbe



Herat, Afghanistan - Zainab, from Deh Shaikh village in Injil District shares a glass of milk with her granddaughter. The milk was freshly squeezed and boiled. 

©Bibek GC

Winter and buffaloes


Buffalo is the major milk producing animal in Nepal. In winter, there is shortage of grazing pasture and fodder. Majority of farmer provide rice straw to feed milking animals.

©FAO/Katrina Omari

A small-scale dairy producer milks her cow


02 March 2022. Hazrat Sultan district, Samangan province, Afghanistan - FAO provided 1336 vulnerable herding households in Samangan Province, northern Afghanistan with 200 kg of concentrate animal feed each to...

©Lyne cheriot

Dairy Cow


Vastly profitable cow. In production system.. Ready to be milked and contibutes to food security.

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