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©Dr. Pankaj Dhaka

Calf management is the key for successful dairy farming


This photo is from the calf shed of Frontier Dairy Farm, Ludhiana, India. The photo was taken during an educational visit to the dairy farm for the assessment of biosecurity...

©FAO/Chedly Kayouli

Rebuilding dairy businesses


08 February 2021, Niniveh Governatorate, Iraq - Dhuha and her family are rebuilding their dairy business after the conflict in the country. An FAO-EU project is supporting them to improve...

©Mayen Arop

Abileek Cattle Camp in Tonj

South Sudan

This picture was taken on 14 August 2021 in a cattle camp named "Abileek" in Tonj South County, Warrap State, Republic of South Sudan. In the Nilotic Tribes of South...

©FAO/Mirbek Kadraliev



06 February 2021, Barskoon, Kyrgyzstan - Sozul is milking a cow. 


©Jean Bernard MUKUNDENTE

Sensitize parents to feed milk to their children when they are in the school


I took  this photo on Monday 31.05.2021 during the  celebration of WorldMilkDay in Burera District, where RNDP in collaboration with RDDP and #Bureradairy fed milk to 694 pupils of EP...

©Mayen Arop

Local Dairy Farm in South Sudan

South Sudan

This picture was taken in the morning of 8th August 2021 in Awul Payam of Warrap State, South Sudan. "Hok ca" (milking cows in Dinka) are few dairy milking cows...

©Giada Semeraro

A true cultural heritage


21 February 2021, Rome.
The millennial tradition of sheep and goat farming is considered as a precious cultural asset. The production and consumption of dairy products are very widespread in Italy.

©Catherine Wanjiku Kang

Young Men benefiting from Dairy Farm Loans


This is the story of a dairy farmer in Kenya who used to depend on agricultural produce to meet his educational needs but because of climate change, he secured a...

©FAO/Saikat Mojumder

FAO project: OSRO/BGD/005/CHA - Agricultural livelihoods protection through humanitarian Anticipatory Actions in Jamuna river


03 September 2020, Gaibandha, Bangladesh -MD. Sorwer's (48) wife Rehena feeding cow milk to her son Bayjit (8) at home in Dokkhin Digholkandi, Holudia union 3. MD. Sorwer's is the...

©Kayitare Alexandre

Milk collection center


This Picture has been taken from Rwanda, in Nyanza District.

It shows the Milk collection center of "Muyira" where milk is tested, collected and transported towards the Nyanza Processing plant (Nyanza...

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