Director-General  QU Dongyu
A statement by FAO Director-General QU Dongyu

G20 Green Garden 

Inauguration of the Educational Itinerary 


 by Dr QU Dongyu, FAO Director General 

As prepared

 16 September 2021 


Dear Friends,

1.         In June, I was proud to inaugurate the G20 Green Garden at the Appia Antica Park.


2.         And I am very happy to be here today to inaugurate the G20 Green Garden’s Educational Itinerary.


3.         I am pleased to be joined by the Italian Minister for Education, University and Research, His Excellency Patrizio Bianchi.


4.         As well as the Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Ms Barbara Floridia.


5.         Benvenuti a tutti!  


6.         The G20 Green Garden is a unique educational and recreational experience for present and future generations. 


7.         It is an open-air museum that brings global issues to the people, to show that everyone's action is needed.


8.         On the occasion of the Italian Presidency of the G20, we have established a multi-partner initiative to celebrate biodiversity, nature and Rome’s ancient heritage.


9.         Our aim is to reconnect people with nature and call for global solidarity to create a sustainable future for ‘People, Planet and Prosperity’.


Dear Educators and Teachers, 

10.       Your work is of great importance!


11.       You inspire young minds with knowledge.


12.       Education is a fundamental tool in shaping the minds of young people, as well as those not so young.


13.       We ALL need to learn how to be part of the change we want to see.


Dear Students,

14.       I am happy to see so many young faces here today to participate in this special experience.


15.       Allow me to tell you why it is important that you follow our itinerary today.


16.       It is because it encourages young people like you to become change-makers.


17.       And to learn how you can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals – the SDGs.


18.       Each of the 17 giant cubes laid out on the ground before us represents one of the SDGs.


19.       The goals are a universal call for action, across all countries and people, to promote prosperity and peace for all people, while protecting the planet.


Dear Friends,

20.       We have nine agricultural seasons (less than 10 years!) to reach the Sustainable Development Goals - and we are off track!


21.       We are facing multiple challenges due to the impacts of the climate crisis, conflicts and the pandemic.


22.       Resulting in inequalities, extreme weather events, humanitarian and economic crisis - all leading to food insecurity and malnutrition.


23.       But if we work together and accelerate action, it is still possible to turn the situation around.


24.       The SDGs are symbolic of how we can grow together by learning together.


25.       FAO is a centre of professional knowledge.


26.       We work towards ensuring that information and resources are accessible to all,


27.       By facilitating the exchange of experiences and ideas.


28.       These are values FAO shares with Italy’s Ministry of Education,


29.       To whom, through Minister Bianchi, I wish to extend my gratitude for the excellent cooperation and partnership, and dedication to this joint initiative.


30.       I also wish to thank the Director of the Appia Antica Park, Ms Alma Rossi, and her colleagues for their continued collaboration.


31.       Sustainable Development Goal 4 is Quality Education.


32.       This SDG reminds us that education is crucial to improving people’s lives and achieving sustainable development.


33.       All 17 SDGs are interconnected!


34.       For example, children cannot learn well at school without enough nutritious food, or good health.


35.       That is why education is also a key part of FAO’s commitment to SDG 2 - Zero Hunger.


36.       And to our mandate of ensuring sustainable agriculture, food security and access to healthy diets for all.


37.       We do this through FAO’s four key areas of action to transform agri-food systems - the “Four Betters”:


38.       Better Production, Better Nutrition, a Better Environment and a Better Life for all.


39.       Good education spearheads innovation and research towards better food production.


40.       It raises awareness about the need to ensure better nutrition for all people, everywhere.


41.       It promote ways in which we can create a better environment that is more sustainable for present and future generations.


42.       A good education is essential for ensuring a better life for all!


43.       And ensures that no one is left behind.


44.       So enjoy your visit today, learn from your visit and share what you learn with friends and family. 


45.       Today, YOU can start to create a more sustainable future!


46.       Thank you.