ICT4D Webinar :ICT4D at Scale

United States of America

ICT4D Webinar :ICT4D at Scale

Tuesday, September 11,2018  7-8a.m PT|10-11 am ET| 3-4 pm GMT|4-5 pm CET

Scale is a big topic when discussing ICT4D, M4D, mHealth, ICT4Ag, ICT4E, etc. Reaching scale can be approached from different angles—by focusing on simple, turnkey solutions, or within a program. Either way, the aim is to apply an ICT-supported program to big populations and achieve (financial) sustainability. But how are you successfully reaching this next milestone in digitally supported programs?

This webinar, part of an ongoing series around ICT4D, features two presentations by global NGOs: World Vision will share its experience using the MAPS toolkit to assess progression towards readiness for scale, and Catholic Relief Services will share its firsthand lessons learned when distributing non-food items on large scale.