Call for Innovative Digital Solutions for agriculture (Apply by 8th of June 2023)


Call for Innovative Digital Solutions for agriculture (Apply by 8th of June 2023)


Land and water resources in NENA are limited and facing severe stress. Climate change projections suggest more drought and extreme events. A transformative approach is needed to support agricultural production system to become more productive and sustainable to address these challenges. An increase in innovative approaches, use of digital technologies, effective partnerships and building human capital are key to respond to the impacts of climate change and sustain food systems. 

Digital agriculture has the potential to help smallholder farmers become more resilient and improve their livelihoods. Challenges include digital literacy, the gender-digital gap, and the cost of access to information services. Effective partnerships and incentives are needed to build a sustainable digital. Digital agriculture needs a multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral approach. Fostering and sustaining these linkages at the national level is paramount to building services and building on inter-sectoral leverage opportunities such as from banking, insurance, education and other key sectors are important for the agriculture sector and actors. 

FAO and ITU have been working to assist members in developing a holistic approach to identifying, developing and implementing digital solutions for agriculture through the development of the national E-Agriculture Strategy, this approach has now been implemented in a number of countries. 

Digital Agriculture Solutions Forum 2023 objectives

  1. Discuss how digitalization of food and agriculture systems can provide responses to the agriculture-related challenges focusing on enhancing climate resilience for small holders in the NENA region.
  2. Examine and present long-term digital transformation tools for the different agricultural sub-sectors exploring possible innovative climate smart agricultural interventions.
  3. Deliberate on modalities to support and attract investment for digital agriculture in the region and create rural agripreneur to promote innovations at rural communities.
  4. Showcase successful solutions and identify lessons learnt in the design and development of digital agriculture services and solutions.
  5. Setup multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Intended audience

  • Country representatives from NENA region (Senior and Middle management from Ministry of Agriculture and ICT and environment )
  • Digital agriculture solution providers
  • Agri-businesses using and deploying innovative digital technologies in their businesses
  • Infrastructure and service providers from sectors critical for E-Agriculture (Telecom, IT, Banking, Insurance, Governance etc.)
  • Farmer, water  and Fisher organizations, cooperatives, associations and CSOs working in rural areas
  • International, regional, national organizations working in agriculture and rural development
  • Agriculture research institutes/ academia

Call for innovative digital solutions

In preparation of the FAO-ITU Digital Agriculture Solutions Forum 2023 (DASF 2023) for NENA region, this survey was developed to helps us identify innovative practices, from the region and beyond, successfully designed, implemented, and promoted to respond to some of the main challenges of the region. Selected solutions would be invited to present at DASF 2023. Selection will be based on their innovativeness in using digital technologies, impactfulness, and scalability in the region. Submissions are accepted from government institutions, research institutes, academia, private sector, NGOs, etc.

By submitting this form, you agree to FAO-ITU using the details provided for DASF 2023, publication or work.

Apply here by 8 June 2023

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