Drones, Satellites and Food Security: VAM Talks episode 13


Drones, Satellites and Food Security: VAM Talks episode 13

Drones are being used in various fields and agriculture is not an exception. Drones are also known as unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and in agriculture there have been used initially in pest control and land use monitoring.

The World Food Progamme (WFP) has been using drones and satellites within the context of food emergency situation. A recent publication on WFP VAM, a SoundCloud of audio recordings, discusses how drones and satellites help in WFP’s work.

Two experts are on the interview Sarah Muir, VAM remote sensing analyst, Haidar Baqir, IT engineer, and Ariona Aubrey from WFP's legal department. This interview brings very interesting experiences on the use of drones by WFP and shed some points of take away to similar use elsewhere.

Listen to the interview here

You can also watch the e-Agriculture Webinar on the use of drones in humanitarian action with Patrick Meier from iRevolutions/WeRobotics and Haidar Baqir from World Food Programme  


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