FAO launches four new agricultural service apps in Africa


FAO launches four new agricultural service apps in Africa

FAO, along with several partners, is involved in the implementation of ICT initiatives in Africa The majority of family farmers in developing countries live rural areas and in most cases don't have access to technology and digital agricultural services. Through the use of ICTs, farmers have more access to information on markets, weather and nutrition. The digital service project is part of FAO's Digital Strategy and is aimed at people in the field, local governments, community leaders and extension workers.

The project aims to develop four apps designed to help farmers have better agricultural services and will be available in local content. The apps will first be launched in Senegal and Rwanda, but the project is designed to be adaptable to other countries as well.

  • "Cure and Feed your Livestock": This app provides real time on animal disease and feeding strategies. Users will also be able to create farmer groups to exchange information and learn from others’ experiences and good practices.
  • "e-Nutrifood": Provides information on the production, conservation and consumption of nutritious foods. Quality information on nutrition is vital in fighting malnourishment, stunting and food insecurity.
  • "Weather and Crop Calendar": Combines information about weather forecasts and crop calendars. Early warning services provide users with potential risks in and help increase farmer's resilience.
  • "AgriMarketplace": Connects producers and traders to facilitate price access and ease of trades. Farmers will have the opportunity to discover the best providers of raw materials as well as the best marketplaces to sell their products and the market prices.

The ICT project is desgined to focus on the youth, women, and entrepreneurs. The goal is to give access to digital services to at least 40 000 women and youth beneficiaries.

Source: FAO


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