Highlights of the symposium on farmers’ access to data


Highlights of the symposium on farmers’ access to data

GFAR has just published the highlights of the farmer’s access to data symposium which was held in November 2017 in Centurion, South Africa. And as an outcome, a white paper on ‘Digital and data-driven agriculture – enhancing use of data by smallholders’ will soon be co-published by GFAR, GODAN and CTA.

The symposium had three panels that ran all on the 24th of November 2017. The panel themes were, 'Data and Farmers', 'Digital Agriculture - Challenges and Opportunities' and 'Fair and Equitable open data' which represented panel 1, 2 and 3, respectively.

Panel Theme  Video

Panel 1 on “Farmers and Data”

"Ajit Maru explored the paradigm shift occurring in agriculture making it data driven, information rich and knowledge intensive. He distinguished between use of data from the farm (precision farming) and data outside the farm (Digital agriculture, Agriculture 4.0) and discussed the implications of its sharing and exchange from the point of view of the smallholder farmer and the emergence of open and closed information chains"..read more 

Panel 2 “Digital Agriculture – Challenges and Opportunities"

"Dan Berne focused on the issues of grower adoption of using data-driven practices. What are the obstacles? What can the industry and other organizations do to increase adoption? Using Geoffrey Moore’s Technology Adoption Lifecycle, Dan Berne defined the requirements for data-driven solutions to “cross the chasm.”...read more

Panel 3 “Fair and equitable open data”

"Jeremy de Beer explained how to create a fair and equitable system of benefit sharing around open data. After stating that we must acknowledge the access barriers that data ownership may raise, he recommended..." Read more

  • Review the full summary of the symposium here
  • This symposium was co-funded by GODAN and CTA and the event was organised by ITOCA.
  • Read the full announcement here. The cited text above is from this GFAR announcement 

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