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February 2011

The 2007-08 Rice Price Crisis

How policies drove up prices... and how they can help stabilise the market

After increasing slowly and steadily from historic lows, world rice prices tripled in just six months during 2007-08. The price surge caused much anxiety because so many of the world’s poor are rice consumers. And it caught many by surprise [...]

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December 2010

Price Volatility in Agricultural Markets

Evidence, impact on food security and policy responses

Recent bouts of extreme price volatility in global agricultural markets portend rising and more frequent threats to world food security. To reduce countries’ vulnerability, policies should improve market functioning and equip countries to better cope with the adverse effects of [...]

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October 2010

Making the Food Aid Convention meet the realities of the 21st century

Some proposals for more effective interventions

Emergency situations have become increasingly frequent over the past 25 years, often coupled with acute and chronic food insecurity in the affected countries. International responses to these crises have generally focused on addressing immediate humanitarian needs, as evidenced by the [...]

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