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Rice Market Summary
World rice prices tripled in just six months during 2007-08. Given the importance of rice as a key staple of the poor, monitoring the rice market is paramount.

Reforming the Food Aid Convention
Achieving lasting food security often requires an integrated development approach. This presentation argues that a reformed Food Aid Convention could provide the institutional framework for more effective interventions.

Urban Agriculture and Food Security
Many urban dwellers engage in farming activities to help satisfy their food needs. Policy makers need to recognize this reality and actively seize the opportunities of urban agriculture.

The State of Food Insecurity in the World
Hunger in the world is increasing. Based on FAO’s 2009 flagship publication on “The State of Food Insecurity in the World”, this presentation discusses the implications of the global economic crisis for world food security.

Global Food Security
More than one billion people are undernourished worldwide. In order to feed the world now and in the future, several key challenges need to be addressed, including global food governance and climate change.

International Investments in Agricultural Production
David Hallam, Deputy Director of FAO's Trade and Market Division, illustrates the effect of international investments in agricultural production, particularly focusing on the recent surge in land purchases.


From Land Grab to Win-Win
Foreign acquisitions of farmland in Africa and elsewhere have become the focus of concern. David Hallam argues that investments could be good news if the objectives of land purchasers are reconciled with the investment needs of developing countries.

More than 1 billion people hungry
Kostas Stamoulis explains reasons behind the recent increase in the number of hungry and the consequences of undernourishment.



Female Land Ownership
Available information suggests that less than one quarter of agricultural land holdings in developing countries are operated by women. Low rates of female land ownership significantly obstruct access to financial assets, including credit and saving.





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