Économie agroalimentaire


Agricultural sector review in Lebanon
Proche-Orient et Afrique du Nord
FAO Agricultural Development Economics Technical Study 12
Dal, E., Díaz-González, A.M., Morales-Opazo, C. & Vigani, M.
Publication date

The Agricultural Sector Review aims to provide an up-to-date picture of the current socio-economic situation of the agricultural sector in Lebanon and to identify key challenges and evidence-based strategies for policy-making. The first part provides a detailed overview of Lebanon's agricultural and food systems, including a section focused on the governance the overall policy framework and the specific policies currently governing the sector. The second part of this study consists of an identification of the challenges and issues that are currently affecting and constraining the development of the Lebanese agricultural sector to its full potential. Once identified these challenges, the study proposes several potential strategies and recommendations that could be applied at the policy-making level to drive the improvement of the sector. Finally, we provide a discussion towards a renewed national agricultural strategy; in which we reviewed some lessons learned from previous success stories in the agricultural sector in Lebanon and compile the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the agricultural sector.

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