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First conference of the CIS Agricultural Trade Policy Network

Integration processes in the CIS region and their implications for agricultural trade

26-27 March 2015, Kaliningrad, Russian Federation

The conference is the first event organized by the Agricultural Trade Expert Network in Europe and Central Asia which joins universities and researcher centres from the CIS countries. The Network provides a neutral and independent platform to exchange ideas and collaborate on international agricultural trade issues in the region. The conference will take place as part of the International Forum on WTO Law, organized by the Kaliningrad State Technical University. The event is intended to bring together experts from within and outside the region to facilitate knowledge exchange and discussions on agricultural trade issues affecting the CIS countries today. In particular, the conference will focus on the multiple and simultaneous processes of trade integration through regional and multilateral trade agreements. 

The conference will focus on four areas: Trade policy in the CIS region and its economic impacts; Implementation of WTO accession commitments and addressing trade challenges; Transformation of supply chains as a result of trade policy reforms and Sanitary and phytosanitary measures. In addition, it will include a special session on food prices, trade and food security.

The conference will bring together experts (economists, lawyers and others) from universities, research institutes and the private sector, involved in research and capacity development in the area of agricultural trade policy. Trade experts from FAO Headquarters and the Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU) will also participate.

More information about the International Forum on WTO Law and how to register you can find on the FORUM WEBSITE. 

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