Markets and trade

First meeting of the CIS Agricultural and Trade Policy Expert Network

15-16 December 2014, FAO, Rome

The network is intended to bring together experts who conduct research, carry out training programmes and advise governments and private sector on issues related to agricultural trade and trade policy, including regional and multilateral trade agreements. The core business of the network will be to facilitate generation and exchange of knowledge and to ensure that appropriate capacity development solutions on issues related to agricultural trade in the CIS region are identified and applied.  

During the initial meeting of the Expert Network, invited experts from the CIS countries will be asked to present their ongoing or future work programme related to agricultural trade issues, focusing in particular on the topic of agricultural policy developments as a result of WTO accession. The meeting will serve to identify the main directions of work and scope of activities of the Network. On the basis of the discussions, a work plan for 2015-16 will be prepared and used to mobilize the resources needed to implement it.

Expected outcomes
By the end of the meeting, priority actions of the Expert Network will be defined, the work plan for 2015-2016 will be adopted, and a Coordinating Committee for the work of the Expert Group will be established. The meeting will also facilitate the exchange of information among the members of the Network to encourage cooperation and knowledge exchange.

Meeting participants
This meeting will bring together experts (economists, lawyers and others) from universities, research institutes and the private sector of the CIS countries, involved in research and capacity development in the area of agricultural trade policy. Trade experts from FAO Headquarters and the Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU) will participate. Full list of participants.