Markets and trade

High-level event on food price volatility and the role of speculation

6 July 2012, FAO Headquarters

This high level event was intended to begin a process that would lead to more definitive, in depth examination and monitoring of the issue by the international community and in particular the question of speculation and its impact. FAO participated in the HLTD debate and the event to be held on 6 July 2012 is the first step in carrying it forward.

The event provides for a further exchange of views on the extent to which speculative behaviour on commodity futures markets has contributed to food price volatility and on associated regulatory issues. The discussion will benefit from the expert opinions of invited panellists. It will contribute to building consensus on these controversial and complex issues and will help identify information needs and priorities for further analysis by FAO.


Por un nuevo consenso internacional de estabilidad de precios

Leonel Fernández, Presidente de la República Dominicana

Food price volatility and its drivers – setting the stage

Boubaker Ben-Belhassen, FAO

Principales conclusions du rapport hlpe sur la volatilité des prix et la spéculation

Benoit Daviron

Commodities price volatity in the 2000s - unpacking financialisation

Samuel K. Gayi, UNCTAD

European initiatives on commodity derivatives markets

Florence Buchholzer, European Commission

Commodity price co-movements: what do they tell us?

Valeria Rolli , Servizio Studi e Relazioni Internazionali Banca d'Italia