Markets and trade

Agricultural transitions along the Silk Road - Restructuring, resources and trade in the Central Asia region 4 – 6 April 2016, IAAE Inter-Conference Symposium, Almaty (Kazakhstan)

Panel session - Recent Trends in Agricultural Trade Policy in the Countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Wednesday, 6 April 2016, 11:20am - 1:20pm, Main conference hall, Kazakh National Agrarian University, Almaty, Kazakhstan

At the end of 2014 FAO established Agricultural Trade Expert Network in Europe and Central Asia which involves representatives of public and private research institutions in the countries of the region. One of the first activities of this Network is preparation of a joint publication with a review of recent agricultural trade policies in the former Soviet Union region. The project covers all post-Soviet countries except Baltic ones.

The proposed panel on the conference is going to provide some results of this joint research project which are most relevant for the region of Central Asia. It will include five papers—one paper on the future of the single market on post-soviet space and four country studies covering Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Russian Federation, and Uzbekistan—which are relevant for the geographical scope of the Silk Road conference.

All country papers are based on disaggregated trade data provided by national statistical agencies of the countries covered by the study. The study also covers the most recent developments in agricultural trade policy and legislation of these countries.

The study is based on comparison of trends in agricultural trade policy and trade performance in different countries of the region providing assessment of the same developments from the point of view of each country of the region.