Markets and trade
©FAO/Mustafa Coskun

Expert consultation on trade and nutrition

15-16 November 2016, FAO Headquarters, Rome - Mexico Room (D-213)

Scope and objectives 
This expert meeting is intended to explore issues around the relationship between trade and nutrition. It will address the role of trade in the “nutrition transition” and the extent to which trade and trade policies can be either detrimental to, or supportive of improved nutrition. It will also look at the impacts of changes in trade and domestic policies on food availability at home and in countries abroad and how these policies can change dietary patterns.

The invited experts will present their findings in these areas during prepared interventions; an open debate in each session will help consolidate and refine the results as well as identify knowledge gaps and future research. In particular, the following questions will be addressed: 

1. How have diets evolved in developed and developing countries? Have diets become healthier over time? What are the prospects towards 2050?

2. What have been the main drivers of changing diets and the “nutrition transition”? What are the impacts of globalisation, trans-national companies, urbanisation and market liberalization? How will these drivers change diets over the decades to come?

3. How do agricultural (domestic and trade) policies affect nutrition outcomes of the countries that implement them and their trading partners? What trade and agricultural policy options can generate co-benefits for nutrition? Should trade policies be used to pursue nutritional outcomes or be kept focused on trade policy goals?