Markets and trade

WTO commitments and support to Russian agriculture: issues and possible solutions

30-31 January 2013 - Kazan, Russia

The main objectives of the workshop “WTO commitments and support to Russian agriculture: issues and possible solutions” – co-hosted by FAO and the Russian Ministry of Agriculture – is to identify and discuss the main areas of concern facing the agriculture sector in relation to the commitments on agricultural subsidies made on accession to the WTO and to draw on lessons from international experience in fulfilling commitments on subsidies while providing the necessary government support to the development of agriculture. Invited speakers from a number of other WTO members will present and discuss how their countries have, in adapting agricultural and trade policies, addressed similar concerns and issues to those facing Russia.

The workshop will serve as a basis for future capacity building activities in Russia and other CIS countries, identifying key capacity development and analytical support requirements. The target audience is a group of regional authorities with responsibility of development and implementation of agricultural support programs as well as representatives of producers and the Ministry of Agriculture.