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Trade related capacity development in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

The FAO Multipartner Programme Support Mechanism (FMM) Project Trade Related Capacity Development in Eastern Europe and Central Asia supports the countries in:

Image result for red square More transparent and effective application of trade rules 
Image result for red square Gaining access to export markets


In general, the capacities in the countries of former Soviet Union to engage effectively in trade agreements are constrained, which undermines their abilities to benefit from an expansion in agricultural trade. The region’s governments often lack the resources to address the concerns that arise during the implementation of trade rules, determine the implications of national trade policy reforms for agricultural support, establish an effective inter-governmental coordination mechanism for the implementation, and engage the private sector in the process of trade policy reform. To address some of these challenges, FAO is implementing a Regional Initiative for Improving Agri-food Trade and Market Integration in Europe and Central Asia. This project contributes to the Regional Initiative by developing the capacities of governments and the private sector for more effective participation in agricultural trade. 


The objective of the project is to strengthen the enabling environment for the implementation of multilateral trade agreements and to support export development in Eastern Europe and Central Asia countries.

Expected outcomes

Image result for red square Capacities of ministries and other stakeholders on WTO agreements developed 
Image result for red square Export promotion strategies in Europe and Central Asia countries developed 
Image result for red square Systems are established and the capacities of governments to monitor and analyse trade and price data are strengthened

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