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Inception Workshop for FAO Project on Climate Change and the Tea Sector in Kenya: Economic and Social Impact Assessment

  • Inception workshop, Nakuru, Feb. 2012

7-9 February 2012, Nakuru, Kenya

To ensure early ownership by national stakeholders and using a demand-driven approach, the formulation of the project action plan required a national expert consultation on climate change and the tea sector in Kenya. Firstly, to take stock of current scientific knowledge of the effect of climate change on tea production, but also to evaluate the capacities and needs of the national private and public stakeholders and finally to identify national expertise needed to implement the project.

The workshop was attended by over 35 participants representing relevant industries, research institutions, smallholder representatives, large estate producers, and the civil society. The workshop provided a good platform for the identification of knowledge gaps and needs on which the project could focus.

Follow-up activities
Formulate and implement an integrated economic and social impact assessment framework in collaboration with national partners based on the findings of the project inception workshop.