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Climate change and the tea sector in Kenya: Impact assessment and policy action

29-30 April 2013, Naivasha, Kenya

National multi-stakeholder workshop

The objective of this workshop was to share and disseminate the results of the project phase I: Impact assessment of climate change on tea to a broad based set of stakeholders and receive their feedback on the project approach, analyses and outcomes. This workshop provided a unique opportunity to several national and international consultants to present the findings of their biophysical and socio-economic analyses and receive stakeholders' input on the way forward.  

Among the analyses reported at the workshop:

  • Evaluation of the links between climate variables and tea yields in Kenya using historical data;
  • Aquacrop crop model calibrated on tea in Kenya for climate change scenario analysis;
  • Life cycle analysis and environmental impact assessment of tea produced in Kenya; and
  • Socio-economic analysis examining tea producers perceived vulnerabilities to climate variability and options for adaptation to climate change.

The workshop also offered a forum for other stakeholders from government agencies, development agencies and NGOs to present climate change related activities in Kenya and add to the cumulative empirical knowledge on the impacts of climate change and the implications for climate change policy in Kenya.