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Policy workshop: A multistakeholder-led process to produce a climate-compatible strategy for tea sector in Kenya

2-3 May 2013, Naivasha, Kenya

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) organized a tea sector climate change response policy development workshop, held on 2 - 3 May 2013 in Naivasha, Kenya. The workshop was the second stage of a two-stage approach followed by FAO aimed at providing technical and policy support to Kenya with regard to climate change and tea sector response.

Objectives: The objective of the workshop was to bring together focal points from key government agencies and stakeholders to collectively discuss, review and draft a strategy document on “climate-compatible strategy for the tea sector in Kenya.”

In the first stage, a draft zero document was prepared by FAO to serve as a basis for the workshop and for the multi-stakeholder-led process in climate change strategy development specific to tea. The zero document was circulated to participants in preparation of the discussions during the workshop.

This policy workshop was preceded by a separate workshop, held between 29 and 30 April 2013  for a broader set of participants aimed at showcasing the findings from the various studies carried out under the FAO climate change project on tea in Kenya. This first workshop served as background to the participants to work out collectively a new strategy document.