Markets and trade

Inception workshop

Beni Mellal, Morocco, 13-14 September 2011

Objectives: The aim of the workshop was to take stock of current knowledge and initiatives on climate change in Morocco and within the project region of Tadla-Azilal. The two-day workshop showcased a variety of scientific, economic and policy presentations related to climate change, adaptation and their potential linkages with national agricultural program - Plan Maroc Vert pillar II focusing on small scale and marginal agriculture.

Participants: Over thirty five participants from ministries, national research institutions and universities as well as from regional agricultural offices took part in this workshop.

Outcomes: The presentations covered scientific and technical aspects (water and soil management technologies, climate scenarios, yield projection models), economic approach (value-chain analysis, economic simulations), and policy issues (decentralization process, environmental and sustainable development charter). The workshop succeeded in identifying the knowledge gaps, enabled the identification of relevant national expertise, and helped integrate national stakeholders inputs and concerns before finalizing the proposed stages for the project in an inclusive demand-driven process.