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Project mid-term workshop: Diagnosis (impact assessment) and launch of the second phase (development of operational tools)


4-5 December 2012, Béni Mellal

The main goal of this workshop was to present to a wider audience a methodology for assessing the impact of climate change in the Tadla-Azilal region through a multidisciplinary approach developed during the last months. The organization of this meeting  comes at the end of the first phase of the project and will serve as a basis to launch the second  phase or “pilot phase” that will focus on three specific sites/areas of the region.

The main objectives of the workshop were:

i) to take stock of the progress made on mainstreaming climate change in Plan Maroc Vert  (PMV) Pillar II projects  and to introduce the revised  project implementation process that fosters the integration and involvement of  small farmers in project management for increased ownership and therefore project durability;

ii) to present the results of the thematic studies conducted during phase I, i.e. the impacts of climate change on crops and water use in the region and the situation that currently prevails at the community level regarding CC , and receive a critical review from participants of the work undertook  during the first phase;

iii) to present the program of work of Phase II with the development and testing of a participatory methodology ensuring  greater participation of small farmers in developing and managing projects that integrate adaptation solutions to increase sustainability of  agricultural development projects; and

iv) to enrich the project with other similar experiences or projects relating to climate change issues in Morocco.