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Stakeholder participative workshops

What is GAIN?

GAIN (Governance, Autonomy, Integration, Needs-based) is participative and iterative methodology that allows the targeted stakeholders to identify and formulate strategies, proposals and plans of action to improve the value addition of their agricultural and rural activities, enhance their capacity to participate in development programs, and develop better partnerships with their economic and institutional  partners. In the context of the FAO project "Pilot project to support small farmers to better adapt to climate change in the region of Tadla-Azilal", five GAIN workshops have been organized in March and April 2013, involving small scale farmers and rural women of the communes of Bzou, Tamda and Assamer (Azilal province).

Workshop objectives

The workshops had three specific objectives: (a) assess farmers' needs and perceptions related to the development of priority value chains subject to development, investment and support under the national program Plan Maroc Vert (PMV); (b) evaluate how to integrate climate change adaptation criteria within existing or future value chain development programs; and (c) develop a framework to ensure active participation and successful integration of small farmers into future PMV Pillar II projects or similar rural development programs that take into consideration the producers' ability to organize themselves, prioritize their needs and mobilize their resources, capacities and experiences.


A report describing the workshops, lessons learned and recommendations for integrating the GAIN methodology within the PMV procedure is currently under preparation.