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Workshop on involvement of women and youth in agricultural investment, Accra, 13-14 September 2017

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Lack of economic opportunities in rural areas has spurred rural-urban migration, particularly among the youth. Both women and young adults have difficulties in accessing land, credit and extension services needed to save and make productive investment. These problems are exacerbated by gender gaps, whereby women end up by being confined to unpaid family work due to scarse opportunities to obtain paid work. Many children and teenagers are also engaged in suboptimal family labour. This is a wasted opportunity, as the involvement of youth and women in investment in agriculture is essential for sustainable development.

Representatives from government, private companies, youth and women’s groups, producers’ organizations and other institutions therefore met in Accra to discuss good practices for equitably incorporating youth and women into agricultural investments. After two days of intensive discussions, participants agreed to develop an action plan for and committed to intensify the dialogue on involvement of youth and women in agricultural investment.