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Awareness-raising and dialogue on responsible investment

Knowledge at the individual and organizational level is important to increase the volume and quality of investment. FAO facilitates capacity development activities and multi-actor dialogues on responsible investment in agriculture and food systems. These activities help different actors to apply international guidance instruments in practice and encourage mutually beneficial investment. 

Learning from the ground: capacity development  on responsible investment in agriculture and food systems


FAO has organized workshops on responsible investment in Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Senegal and Tanzaniaa as part of the Inter-Agency Working Group (IAWG) programme on principles guiding new investment in agriculture. Participants ranging from farmers, government officials, civil society representatives and private companies shared information about practices as well as research and existing international guidance instruments on responsible agricultural investment. Context specific concerns were discussed to facilitate the formulation of concrete and practical policy recommendations and design of activities to stimulate responsible investment.