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Learning from the ground: ongoing research programmes on good practices

Field research principles guiding new investments in agriculture

The Inter-Agency Working Group of FAO, IFAD, UNCTAD and the World Bank initiated a programme in January 2015 to carry out field research on principles guiding new investments in agriculture in a number of African countries. This work is intended to serve as the basis for developing practical and operational guidance for promoting responsible investment in relatively new agribusiness enterprises.

Many of the decisions and actions which determine the ultimate outcome of investments are taken prior to the investment or during its initial phases. The primary objective of the field programme is to infuse responsible principles such as the CFS-RAI and practices into (i) agribusiness operations and (ii) the interaction of these operations with local communities and the economy as a whole. The intention is to assist investors in applying the principles from the preliminary design and planning stage for the establishment of their new agribusiness investments. Furthermore, they will be assisted in incorporating principles into their business processes, in dialogue with governments and communities.

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