Markets and trade

Activities in the Caribbean

Farmers' organization visit to CARDI sweet potato trial plots in Saint Vincent, Photo: FAO/H.Bammann

Roots and tubers
In the Caribbean region, business model upgrading activities are implemented in partnership with the Caribbean Farmers Network (CaFAN) and support the following CaFAN members:
St Vincent:  Eastern Caribbean Trading Agriculture and Development Organisation (ECTAD)
Jamaica: Christiana Potato Growers Cooperative (CPGC)
Guyana: Guyana Agriculture Producers Association (GAPA) and the Kuru Kururu Farmers' Crop and Livestock Association (KKFCLA)
Grenada: North East Farmers Association (NEFO)

The analysis of the current business models has revealed the need to strengthen the supply base of roots and tubers, to improve the internal organization of the farmers’ organizations, and to strengthen their service provision in agribusiness related areas.

Business models