Markets and trade

Pacific and Caribbean regions

Postharvest handling of eggplant in the Pacific. (Photo by Heiko Bammann, FAO)

Fruits and vegetables
A needs assessment was carried out for risk management tools and finance in the fruits and vegetable sectors in Fiji, Vanuatu, Grenada and Jamaica. The study identified the sources of risk which are most important to value chain stakeholders; the nature and quality of existing and potential risk management mechanisms; and the possibility of enhancing them. Follow-up pilot activities involve fruit and vegetable stakeholders in Samoa within the framework of the sector strategy development (see also key area on policy developement).

Cassava in Guyana
A survey was conducted by IICA in Guyana (see also key area on policy development) with the objectives of assessing the major risk management mechanisms currently operating in cassava value chain; and suggesting ways for their enhancement in view of the likely developments in the industry. Based on this survey a paper was prepared describing the risk management processes and analyzing the potential role of finance in the cassava value chain in Guyana.

Risk management