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Trends in FDI in food, beverages and tobacco: inflows

Globally, the share of foreign direct investment in food, beverages and tobacco (FBT-FDI), including primary agriculture, in total FDI flows increased in the late 2000s after decades of decline, amid rising food prices, both in relative and absolute terms. However, even in 2012-14, this share was still relatively low (3.3%). Global FBT-FDI flows peaked in 2009, at 34.9 billion USD – a level never attained again since then.

Although the global flows of FBT-FDI were lower in 2014 than in the direct aftermath of the food price crises of 2007-08 and 2011-12, they are still higher than before 2008. For example, global FBT-FDI flows in 2013 (19 billion USD) and 2014 (21.9 billion USD) were significantly higher than in 2003 (16.1 billion USD) and 2004 (14.2 billion USD). These figures have to be interpreted with caution however as figures are expressed in current USD.

Global FDI inflows: share of agriculture / food, beverages and tobacco, according to UNCTAD and fDi Markets, 1980-2014 (in %)

Global FDI inflows: food, beverages and tobacco, 2003-2014 (billion USD)