From Protection to Production
©FAO/Giulio Napolitano


The programme

The Tigray Social Cash Transfer Program (SCTP) began in 2011 as a pilot cash transfer programme in Tigray province. The programme objectives are to reduce poverty, hunger and starvation in extremely poor and  labour-constrained households. All beneficiary households receive 9 USD per month, but additional money is provided to households with children and/or elderly dependents. On average households receive 17 USD per month.

The evaluation

The evaluation follows a two year mixed methods non-experimental design. It includes a quantitative and qualitative impact evaluation, an income multiplier study, a targeting study, and a process evaluation and costing study. In 2012 the quantitative survey was fielded covering 1,630 beneficiary households and 1,589 comparison non-beneficiary households in two woredas: Abi Adi and Hintalo Wajirat.

Key findings

Local economy

Local economy income multiplier of 1.35 in Abi Adi and 2.52 in Hintalo Wajirat.


Beneficiaries scaled up or created new economic activities (such as petty trade and farming) and maintained savings;
The transfer increased female-headed household access to and control over resources, allowing them to hire labour;
Increase in social connectivity and risk sharing;
Beneficiaries were unable to join the most important network, burial societies (Iddir), because of high joining fees.