From Protection to Production
©FAO/Jeanette Van Acker


The programme

The Lesotho Child Grants Programme (CGP) provides an unconditional cash transfer to poor and vulnerable households. The primary objective of the CGP is to improve the schooling, nutrition, and health status  of orphan and vulnerable children. Households receive 45 USD every three months.

The evaluation

The evaluation  follows a community-level randomized control longitudinal design. It includes a quantitative and qualitative impact evaluation, an income multiplier study, and a targeting study.

A baseline quantitative survey was conducted in  2011, and covered roughly  3,000 households across 5 Districts (Berea, Leribe, Mafeteng, Maseru and Qacha’s Nek). Qualitative research occurred in 3 community councils to investigate programme targeting. Follow-up survey is scheduled to occur in June 2013, along  with further qualitative research.

Key findings


 Increase in spending on children.
 Increase in school enrolment.
 Increase in birth registration and child health.
 Increased protection against food insecurity.
 Positive impacts on agricultural activities - increase in the share of households using and purchasing crop inputs.

Local economy   
 Local economy income multiplier of 1.36.

 Significant impact in strengthening the informal sharing arrangements in the community, especially around food.
 Impact on the probability of beneficiaries households providing support to the rest of the community, in terms of cash and in-kind support.

Background material