From Protection to Production


The programme

The Chid Grant Programme (CGP) is a cash transfer programme currently operating in three districts in Zambia (Kalabo, Kaputa and Shongombo). The CGP  targets all households with children under the age of five. The programme‘s main goal is to reduce extreme and intergenerational poverty.

To achieve this, the CGP aims to:
i) supplement household income
ii) increase primary school enrolment and attendance rates
iii) decrease child mortality and morbidity rates
iv) reduce stunting and wasting among children under the age of five years
(v) increase the number of households owning assets such as livestock
(vi) increase the number of households that have a second meal per day

Beneficiary households receive about USD 11 per month regardless of household size.

The evaluation

The evaluation follows a community-level randomized control longitudinal design.  The sample comprises 1,539 beneficiary households and 1,539 non-beneficiary comparison households (delayed recipients). Baseline data was collected in November-December 2011 and follow-up data was collected in 2012, April 2013 and October 2013.

Key findings


Increased consumption of both food and non-food items.
Increased dietary quality and variety. 
Significant impact on the accumulation of livestock and agricultural implements.
Increased agricultural activity (both males and females increased time spent in family agricultural and non-agricultural businesses).
Increased flexibility for families labour allocation decisions, especially for women.

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