De la Protección a la Producción

Strengthening coherence between agriculture and social protection: country case studies

Recent policy declarations at global and regional levels emphasize that agriculture and social protection together can play an important role in tackling poverty and hunger. For example, the 39th Session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) urged member states to strengthen coordination between agriculture and social protection.

What are the respective roles of agriculture and social protection in supporting the development of small family farmers?

On the one hand, agricultural interventions can improve smallholders’ access to natural resources, inputs, advisory services and markets as well as increasing employment opportunities. On the other, social protection can provide liquidity and certainty for poor smallholders, allowing them to invest in more productive activities as well as enhance local economy by increasing demand for food and other goods and services.

How can they be brought together?

Even though there is increasing recognition of the need to bring together agriculture and social protection there is still limited understanding of how to go about this. To fill this knowledge gap, FAO carried-out case studies in Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mexico, Peru and Zambia to better understand countries’ experiences – at policy, programming and institutional levels - in strengthening coherence between agriculture and social protection. The case studies are being used for defining country-level policy support activities and were used to inform related guidance material.

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Synthesis report
2016. Rome, FAO

Mexico country case study report
2016. Rome, FAO
Also available in Spanish

Peru country case study report
2016. Rome, FAO
Also available in Spanish

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