From Protection to Production

The story of Delia Demison

Social cash transfer programme, Mchinji, Malawi   


Delia Demison lives at Mzingo Village in the area of Traditional Authority Mavwere in Mchinji Disitrict, Malawi.

Delia is one of the beneficiaries of the Social Cash Transfer Programme in Mchinji District, western side of central Malawi (at least some 80 kilometres west of the capital Lilongwe).

She was enlisted in the social cash transfer programme because she is sick and is on ART (Antiretroviral Treatment) and on top of that she also keeps four grand children whose parents died some years back.

With the cash transfers Delia Demison has been able to buy uniforms for her child and four double orphan grand children: Chrissie Phiri, 14; Vincent Phiri, 9; Bernad Phiri, 8; Fortunate Phiri; and Trinity Phiri, 8.

With the Social Cash Transfers, Delia has been able to buy some household utensils; farm inputs such as fertilizer and seed which has led her to realizing a bumper harvest filling two large granaries with maize and another sizeable one with groundnuts.

“Little by little I managed to keep money from the Social Cash Transfer programme and I bought six bags of fertilizer”.

She says before the SCT programme her grand children used to go to school without eating breakfast and they had no school uniform. Now they eat porridge and go to school at Kanyindula Primary School in uniform.

She says she also uses some of the Social Cash Transfer money as transport to and from hospital to access ART drugs whenever there is need.