From Protection to Production

Audio interviews - Exploring links between social protection and agriculture

Ben Davis (FAO) gives an overview of the PtoP project and explains the importance of linking social protection and agriculture

Jen Yablonski (UNICEF) talks about the need for bilateral cooperation between agencies and how it works in the context of PtoP

Pamela Pozarny (FAO) explains how the qualitative research is contributing to impact evaluation of cash transfers

Hesche Lemma Hagos (Tigray Regional Government, Ethiopia) on how the PtoP project can be further developed in Ethiopia

Fabio Veras (UNDP-IPC) talks about PtoP from a Latin America perspective and on what needs to be done to connect research to policy changes

Lawrence Ofori-Addo (Ghana's Department of Social Welfare, coordinator of the LEAP programme) talks about challenges and benefits of cash transfer programmes