Related publications

Linkages between the farm and non-farm sectors at the household level in rural Ghana: a consistent stochastic distance function approach
January 2010
Gustavo Anríquez and Silvio Daidone

This article explores the effects within households of an expanding rural nonfarm (RNF) sector in Ghana. We ask whether the growing RNF sector allows for economies of diversification within farms, how it affects household input demands, and whether it has measurable effects in overall household production efficiency.

Long-term farming trends: An inquiry using agricultural censuses
May 2007
Gustavo Anríquez and Genny Bonomi

This paper provides a long-term and global view at current farming trends by analyzing a specially created database of farming characteristics of 17 countries across 43 different agricultural censuses representing the different developing regions of the world.

Long-term rural demographic trends
May 2007
Gustavo Anríquez

This paper studies rural demographic trends at the global level with an analysis of a specially prepared database of population, age, gender and rurality tables from population censuses.

Household income structure and determinants in rural Egypt
January 2006
André Croppenstedt

Egypt is on track to achieve its long-term goal of reducing the poverty rate to 6 percent by 2022. Continued progress towards this goal will require rapid employment growth for which agriculture growth, through its impact on demand for goods and services in the rural non-tradable sector will be of fundamental importance. This paper considers which agricultural policies will be most effective at reducing rural poverty in Egypt.