News 2010 and earlier

Do Bugs Have A Place On Your Dinner Plate? 21 December 2010 The world's food crisis could be eased if Westerners included insects in their diet to make up some of their protein needs, according to a Dutch scientist. [more]
Dining on insects: Anyone for crickets...? 21 October 2010 With world food supplies dwindling, the UN has suggested we eat bugs. Jerome Taylor hops over to one of Britain's few insect restaurants [more]
The Scientist: Opinion: Bugs can solve food crisis 29 September 2010 A tropical entomologist argues that edible insects offer a sustainable alternative for conventional meat [more]
Waiter, There’s Soup in My Bug 21 September 2010 Mr. Ross first brought a group of San Franciscans together to chow down on cooked insects a year ago, and he was surprised when the guests started buzzing around him for raw samples. “I was like, ‘O.K., go for it,’ ” he said. “And then that just led to this very weird erotism moment when people were practically hugging each other while eating these live insects.” [more]
Would You Like Flies With That? Bug Eaters Try to Get Some Buzz 15 September 2010 Foodies Sample Insect Fare, But It's a Slow Crawl; Waxworm Potato Fritters [more]
Insects proving food for thought at Swansea University 27 July 2010 An insect summit is aiming to revolutionise the way we think about bugs as a sustainable source of food. [more]
Could Less Meat Mean More Food? 12 February 2010 If people in the developed world ate less meat, it would free up a lot of plants to feed billions of hungry people and gain a lot of good farmland. Some food-security researchers, however, are skeptical; they say the complexities of global markets and human food traditions could also produce some counterintuitive—and possibly counterproductive—results. [more]
For More Protein, Filet of Cricket 12 February 2010 As the world diverts more of its grain harvests into producing meat, some scientists are pushing policymakers to take a closer look at insects as an environmentally friendlier source of protein. [more]
Eating Bugs 29 May 2008 They're packed with protein and environmentally friendlier than other meat. But can greenies kick the ick factor? [more]
Edible insects, important source of protein in central Africa 8 November 2004 Edible insects, like caterpillars and grubs, are important sources of protein and should be considered an alternative in efforts to increase food security in central African countries, FAO said today. [more]

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