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Digital Agriculture Extension and Communication Services Project

Rural extension services in Egypt lack effectiveness and access to farmers due to insufficient numbers and low efficiency of agricultural extension agents. The use of appropriate ICT applications and other media can facilitate the flow of information and access to extension services for target audiences.

Since FAO is implementing a model for digital agriculture in a number of African countries, and due to Egypt's interest in digital agricultural extension services, FAO was pleased to respond to this desire by the provision of the digital model of agricultural extension to contribute to the current efforts to improve extension services.

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Strengthening of the Horticulture information Support Network for Small Farmers in Egypt (HORTISUN)

This project aims to strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Agriculture to establish an effective and efficient horticulture sector information support network/system for improving access and flow of horticulture information and knowledge sharing to support small-scale producers and market services providers.

Our Services

  • Agriculture Operations and Diseases modules: Provides farmers with the latest agricultural practices for operations necessary to cultivate horticultural crops such as preparing land, planting, plant care, irrigation, fertilization, harvest. Also, it provides farmers with information related to the diseases that infect the crop and how to treat them.
  • Institutes module: Avails information about the institutes specialized in horticultural production and diseases.
  • Experts module: Avail information about horticultural experts their names and specialization.
  • Documents module: Avail documents related to horticultural crops.
  • Marketing module: Assists in providing precis and sufficient marketing information which supports small-scale farmers, producers and exporters.
  • NGO module: Avails information about existing non-governmental organization works in horticultural crops.
  • Events module: Avails information about the Horticultural events such as training courses and seminars.





2013 - 2015


Rural Development Communication Network in Egypt (RADCON)

The present project is a follow-up to the successful pilot project TCP/EGY/0065 "Virtual Extension and Research Communication Network" (VERCON) that was implemented by the MoALR at the Kafr el Sheikh Governorate.

It aims to establish or to improve the communication between extension, research and private and public persons and institutions involved in rural and agricultural development for the benefit of farmers and agrarian businesses at rural and village level. Improved communication, incorporating newest research results and latest technologies shall ultimately improve the performance of farmers and businesses, increase income and create jobs, thus contributing to absorbing the poorer and landless village population.

Through better communication researchers will focus better on the needs of the rural population, and extension will be in the position to transfer the latest development packages to the ultimate target group. Wherever possible and practical, the ultimate beneficiaries will have direct access to information which will help solving acute and pertinent farm problems.





2004 - 2008


Development of a National Agricultural Research Information Management System (NARIMS)

The objective of the project is to strengthen the capacity of the Agricultural Research Centre (ARC) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation to develop, manage and apply a relevant and effective national agricultural information management system in support of agricultural development and food security policies.





2004 - 2006


Virtual Extension and Research Communication Network (VERCON)

The objective of the project is to establish a Virtual Extension and Research Communication Network in Egypt in order to strengthen and enable linkages among the research and extension components of the national agricultural knowledge and information system.

The overall goal of the project is to improve, through strengthened research-extension linkages, the agricultural advisory services provided to Egyptian farmers and in particular to resource poor farmers, in order to increase production in food and agriculture with the goal of raising farm incomes.





2000 - 2002