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EMPRES-i Global Animal Disease Information System ::: Information Intelligence Intervention
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2012 PDF
Good emergency management practice: the essentials
» FAO Animal Production and Health Manual - 11
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Epidemiologia participativa
» FAO Animal Production and Health Manual - 10
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Challenges of national, regional and global information systems and surveillance for major animal diseases and zoonoses
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2011 PDF
Bluetongue: Hyperemia of the teats and painful stance Photo
Bluetongue: Edema of the face and eye Photo
Update on Bluetongue in Europe
» EMPRES Watch - Spetember 2006
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2006 PDF
Monitoring climatic indicators in West Africa
» EMPRES Watch - July-September 2005
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2005 PDF
EMPRES Transboundary Animal Diseases Bulletin: Issue No. 18
» EMPRES Bulletin - 18-2001
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EMPRES Transboundary Animal Diseases Bulletin: Issue No. 12
» EMPRES Bulletin - 12-1999
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1999 HTML
Subacute/ chronic bluetongue Photo
Subacute/ chronic bluetongue Photo
Small ruminants, sheep, natural reservoir to bluetongue Photo
Sheep shedding fleece after infection with bluetongue Photo
Sheep are the most susceptible species to bluetongue. Inflammation, ulceration, cyanosis & haemorrhage of mucous membranes Photo
Salivation in an ovine recently infected with bluetongue Photo
Recovery from bluetongue: may cause a break in the wool Photo
Orbivirus extracted from Loudon er al 1992 in Walton T. E. & Osburn BI (eds) Boca Raton Florida CRC Press. Photo
Hydroencephaly in bovine fetus due to Bluetongue Photo
Hydroencephaly in bovine fetus due to Blue Tongue Photo
Culicoides nubeculosus Photo
Chronic Blue Tongue: mineralisation of muscle Photo
Bluetongue:severely crusted muzzle of a bovine Photo
Bluetongue:inflammation of the coronary bands of a sheep Photo
Bluetongue:haemorrhage and congestion of the muzzel of a bovine Photo
Bluetongue:extensive teat lesions in a cow Photo
Bluetongue: wide reddened area above coronary band of a sheep Photo
Bluetongue: severe oedema and haemorrhage in lung leading to peracute death. Photo
Bluetongue: severe lameness as a result of coronitis Photo
Bluetongue: secondary pastuerella pneumonia in a sheep Photo
Bluetongue: ram with frothy nasal discharge 1 Photo
Bluetongue: peeling of a burnt encrusted muzzle of a cow Photo
Bluetongue: muzzle of bovine with burned appearance Photo
Bluetongue: literally, swollen and cyanotic tongue. Photo
Bluetongue: intensely congested oral mucosa of a bovine Photo
Bluetongue: intense congestion & swelling of lips and gums and sloughing of oral mucosa on the dental pad of a sheep Photo
Bluetongue: erosions in the mouth Photo
Bluetongue: erosion and crusts on the borders of the nares in a bovine Photo
Bluetongue: cyanosis of tongue Photo
Bluetongue: crusts around the nares and lips of a sheep Photo
Bluetongue: close up of a lesion the coronary band of a sheep Photo
Bluetongue infection in cattle is mostly asymptomatic, some may show salivation, mouth lesions and coronitis Photo
Bluetongue in cattle: Crusting of muzzle an dhyperaemia Photo
Bluetongue (BT) vector Photo
Blue tongue: hydropericardium, echymosis, epi & endocardial petechaie are common Photo
Acute bluetongue: swollen tongue and ulceration, with secondary bacterial infection Photo
Acute bluetongue: haemorrhage of the lips and dental pad Photo
Acute bluetongue signs: swollen lips, hyperaemia of skin and erosion of muzzle. Photo
Acute bluetongue signs Photo
Acute bluetongue early signs: swollen lips, hyperaemia of skin and erosion of muzzle. Photo
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