English Food Security and the Right to Food in the Discourse of the United Nations
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   EnglishEuropean Law Journal, Vol. 10, No. 5, September 2004, pp. 631¿648.
   EnglishThe definition of food security now most commonly used, that of the 1996 World Food Summit, bears considerable resemblance to the definition of the right to food. Yet a right-to-food based approach to food security is distinct from other approaches to reducing hunger and malnutrition and complements food security considerations with dignity, rights acknowledgment, transparency, accountability, and empowerment concerns. Realizing the right to food should, furthermore, be part and parcel of rightsbased approaches to development that aim to implement all human rights obligations which States have committed themselves to under human rights law.
Author(s)Mechlem, K.
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Type of publicationJournal article
Publication year2004
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