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  • Ukraine

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44 million
country population

12.6 million people
live in rural areas

7.1 million people
estimated to be internally displaced (as of 23 May 2022)

36% of the population
in need of lifesaving assistance

The war in Ukraine is affecting millions of people and forcing massive population displacement. The destruction of or damage to agricultural infrastructure and markets, and the disruption of food supply chains is threatening the food security of already vulnerable populations. Agriculture-based livelihoods, a key source of income for 30 percent of the population, are severely impacted. While many Ukrainians are fleeing their communities and/or the country, a significant proportion of the population is staying, facing extreme challenges and thus requiring multisectoral humanitarian assistance. Key emergency agricultural interventions to smallholder producers, who play a critical role in contributing to the country’s food security, helps sustain lives and livelihoods.
Timeline of response against crop calendar
Timeline of response against crop calendar
©FAO/Oleksandr Mliekov
From hard-hit Mariupol to backyard farming in eastern Ukraine

The war caught Larysa Zueva while she was working a shift at a psychiatric hospital in Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine

FAO and WFP warn of looming widespread food crisis as hunger threatens stability in dozens of countries

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today issued a stark warning of multiple, looming food crises, driven by conflict, climate shocks, the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic

Food security in Ukraine: FAO distributes seed potatoes to vulnerable rural families

Some 46 000 people are assisted during the spring potato sowing campaign

Key documents

FAO's revised Rapid Response Plan was issued on 19 April, seeking USD 115.4 million to assist 979 320 people in rural areas through December.


In order to understand the impact of the war on the commercial agricultural sector in Ukraine, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is undertaking a series of monitoring surveys, targeting commercial grain producers across the country.


The war in Ukraine that began on 24 February 2022 has led to large‑scale human suffering across all regions of the country. As the dynamics of the war continue to evolve, large portions of the population are affected by damage to critical infrastructure, lack of basic services and disruptions of supply chains, requiring multisectoral humanitarian assistance.

FAO distributed potato seeds to farmers in Ukraine

The ongoing war in Ukraine has affected the planting and harvesting season. As part of its support to Ukrainian farmers, FAO has distributed over 800 metric tonnes of potato seed kits to 17 740 vulnerable families

FAO's response to global food security risks due to war in Ukraine​ - Interview with Maximo Torero

In a world with 166 more million people chronically undernourished and 3 billion people with no access to healthy diets

Impact of war in Ukraine on global food security

The war in Ukraine is compromising global food security

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