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Dispatch Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
21/10/2019 Yemen Cholera Response Mechanism
Yemen 1 000 000 Japan OSRO/YEM/801/JPN
30/09/2019 Improvement of agricultural livelihoods and resilience for conflict affected communities in Myanmar
Myanmar 430 166 Japan OSRO/MYA/805/JPN
30/08/2019 Strengthening resilience of vulnerable crisis-affected households through women empowerment and livelihood improvement in Syria
Syria 500 000 Japan OSRO/SYR/807/JPN
30/08/2019 Emergency support to the protection of livelihoods of smallholder farmers affected by highly pathogenic avian influenza and fall armyworm in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe 500 000 Japan OSRO/ZIM/801/JPN
30/08/2019 Support to livestock sector laboratory diagnostic capacities and disease surveillance systems in South Sudan
South Sudan 500 000 Japan OSRO/SSD/802/JPN
22/07/2019 Social stability and resilient livelihoods for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanian host community farming families in Jordan
Jordan 1 000 000 Japan OSRO/JOR/801/JPN
28/06/2019 Strengthening the livelihoods of populations affected by natural disasters in Guinea
Guinea 500 000 Japan OSRO/GUI/801/JPN
29/05/2019 Creating conditions for early IDP returns and rapid recovery from drought in rural Somalia
Somalia 500 000 Japan OSRO/SOM/803/JPN
11/10/2018 Emergency agricultural support to vulnerable households affected by fall armyworm in the Republic of South Sudan
South Sudan 1 000 000 Japan OSRO/SSD/714/JPN
12/02/2018 Emergency assistance for the recovery and development of the agricultural economy in the Federal Administered Tribal Areas
Pakistan 4 870 275 Japan OSRO/PAK/502/JPN
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