Proyectos Destacados

Proyectos filtrados por país receptor: Pakistan

Dispatch Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
27/04/2021 Institutional strengthening and support in hazard, livelihood and vulnerability (HLV) assessment and livelihood elements of the Community Based Disaster Risk Management Programme
Pakistan 7 762 550 United Kingdom OSRO/PAK/601/UK
27/01/2020 Livelihood Assistance to Support Drought Affected Vulnerable Farmers in Sindh province in Pakistan
Pakistan 150 000 United States of America OSRO/PAK/902/USA
12/02/2018 Emergency assistance for the recovery and development of the agricultural economy in the Federal Administered Tribal Areas
Pakistan 4 870 275 Japan OSRO/PAK/502/JPN
16/12/2015 Strengthening Food Security Cluster for better disaster preparedness and effective response in Pakistan
Pakistan 292 972 Pooled Fund OSRO/PAK/404/WFP
20/10/2015 Support for the recovery of agriculture-based livelihoods of vulnerable farmers affected by 2012 floods in Pakistan
Pakistan 6 361 961 United Kingdom OSRO/PAK/304/UK
18/08/2015 Assistance d’urgence pour la protection du bétail touché par la crise au Waziristan du Nord par l’approvisionnement en fournitures vétérinaires et fourrages primordiaux
Pakistan 300 000 Belgium OSRO/PAK/403/BEL
04/11/2014 Soutien d'urgence à la restauration des moyens d'existence basés sur l'agriculture des familles retournées en Pakistan
Pakistan 500 000 Belgium OSRO/PAK/301/BEL
17/01/2014 Support for national contingency planning for countries at risk of wheat rust
Bangladesh - Bhutan - Egypt - India - Morocco - Nepal - Pakistan - Syria - Turkey 185 000 Italy GCP /INT/110/ITA
11/09/2013 Restoration of agricultural-based livelihoods for the conflict- and flood-affected areas in Pakistan
Pakistan 1 200 000 Italy OSRO/PAK/106/ITA
06/08/2013 Emergency assistance to support agriculture-based livelihoods of vulnerable flood-affected households in Pakistan
Pakistan 4 051 512 Sweden OSRO/PAK/108/SWE
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