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Les projets filtrés par des pays donateurs: Canada

Signature Date Title Recipient Contribution (USD) Donor Project Code
30/03/2021 Improved livelihoods, nutrition and empowerment of rural women and their families affected by the COVID-19 crisis in Minya Governorate
Egypt 2 151 800 Canada OSRO/EGY/102/CAN
30/03/2021 Building resilience and restoring agriculture and livestock based livelihoods for improved food and nutrition security of smallholder women and men farmers and agro- pastoralists affected by floods and COVID-19
Sudan 2 335 667 Canada OSRO/SUD/103/CAN
24/03/2021 Support vulnerable communities in Afar and Somali regions to mitigate the negative impacts of COVID-19 and desert locusts
Ethiopia 2 283 254 Canada OSRO/ETH/111/CAN
24/03/2021 Improving the nutrition, food security and resilience of people affected by COVID-19 - Niger
Niger 1 550 551 Canada OSRO/NER/103/CAN
11/03/2021 Critical gender-sensitive support to vulnerable conflict- and pandemic-affected households in Nigeria
Nigeria 4 407 051 Canada OSRO/NIR/102/CAN
04/02/2021 Mitigating the Effects of Covid-19 to protect food security and livelihoods of vulnerable households
South Sudan 2 260 738 Canada OSRO/SSD/011/CAN
04/02/2021 Enhancing resilience of family farming of native indigenous peasant people with a gender and generational approach for COVID 19 recovery
Bolivia 2 072 343 Canada OSRO/BOL/002/CAN
04/02/2021 Strengthening the livelihoods of vulnerable populations facing COVID-19 in the DRC
Democratic Republic of the Congo 2 260 738 Canada OSRO/DRC/004/CAN
04/02/2021 Promoting recovery from COVID-19 and boosting smallholder resilience through socio-economic empowerment of the most vulnerable rural population in Honduras
Honduras 1 017 332 Canada OSRO/HON/002/CAN
22/01/2021 Projet conjoint de relèvement précoce PAM et FAO en réponse à COVID-19
Mali 5 219 655 Canada UNJP/MLI/065/CAN
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