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Afghanistan: FAO supports Kuchi nomadic herding communities in southern Afghanistan with livestock protection packages

An FAO delegation headed by the FAO Representative in Afghanistan, Richard Trenchard, travelled to the southern region of Afghanistan in January 2022 to assess the needs and challenges of several Kuchi nomadic herding communities that are badly affected by food insecurity.

Kuchi nomadic communities maintain their ancestral lifestyle and migrate with their herds seasonally. They raise livestock and sell animals and their by-products to local communities for their subsistence. Despite being essential to Afghanistan’s food security, the majority of Kuchi are poor and live a challenging life. COVID-19, conflict and political upheaval have seriously impacted their livelihoods.

These Kuchi communities were selected and received livestock protection assistance on 1 March 2022. Each household received one package that consists of 200 kg of concentrate animal feed, coupled with training on best husbandry practices. The animal feed provided is fortified with protein and extra calories to keep animals healthy and productive for three months on average.