A future for IDPs in Bangui

A future for IDPs in Bangui
May 2014

These pictures illustrate the visit of FAO staff members, together with members of ACTED, Fédération des maraichers de Bangui, the Food Security Cluster, the Ministry of Rural Development and Welthungerhilfe, to Ngoulekpa in the Central African Republic, which took place on 15 April 2014. The purpose was to consider options as to where to relocate the displaced people currently living in the refugee camp located in the airport area of Bangui due to the crisis in the Central African Republic.

During the 1990s the government envisaged the development of Ngoulekpa, located 5 km from Bangui airport, as an area to be cultivated in order to produce food supply for the market in Bangui; however, the project was never implemented due to the crisis of the past few years.

Given the urgent need to relocate the displaced people currently living in poor, unsanitary and dangerous conditions in the refugee camp near Bangui airport, the government project was resumed, and the required documentation was obtained in order to use 50 ha of government propriety for their relocation. Out of the 50 ha, 26 ha are already being used for agriculture, wells have been built and the land was divided into plots. Part of the remaining 24 ha can also be used for agriculture, but the rest is intended for the construction of housing and social infrastructure (schools, health centres, etc.).

Author: FAO/CAR